Wedding rules

We have a vast experience in foreign weddings…

As a result we try to make it as easy as possible for brides and grooms by answering typical questions and placing a set of guidelines which help them understand how the cover band works:

1. Choose your favourite tune in advance: you will be able to choose a specific song that will be played by the band for you (songs must be supplied at least 6 months before the wedding day). You are also welcome to request a second song that we will try to prepare for you. We will also supply you with a large playlist showing a range of the songs we will play.

2. Let us know the plan: we are able to play through different phases of your day according to your needs as long as we know in time. E.G. 1st section: aperitif in acoustic; 2nd section: lounge during dinner; 3rd section: rock band ’til your socks burn out. Prices will vary depending on what you request.

3. Bring your own playlist: if you wish you will also be able to bring your own list to plug into the PA system (with your mp3 player) as well as the live band. There is no extra charge for this!

4. Don’t forget the SIAE: in Italy if you have live music you have to pay a governmental agency to have permission (in UK it’s called PRS). Don’t forget it’s your (or your wedding planner’s) responsibility to sort that out. Prices will vary depending on venues size, people attending and type of music. We will be happy to advise you.

5. Does the band eat?: In Italy the band usually is offered a “service table” along with photographers. If the venue asks you extra for it, simply ask for the band to have 1 main course and drinks.

6. How does the band get paid?: cash on the day. This website only serves as a window for musicians and for you to get a quality service. We don’t take money for this. We do ask for a 50% of the total in advance to confirm booking. If you are booking through an agency/wedding planner etc this will probably be done through them.

7. What if my wedding is cancelled?: Once you have confirmed the band booking, you will be charged:

50% of total if you cancel within 4 months from the wedding

100% of total if you cancel after 59 days from the wedding

Why do you get charged? once you have confirmed if the band gets another booking the same day they will not accept it to keep yours, as a result if you cancel and they cannot get another booking you are effectively making them loose their day of work.

By Accepting ANY booking you are automatically accepting all terms specified above.

Please remember we are here to make your day amazing! So feel free to get in touch about any further info 🙂